About UFI

About Us

UFI is a privately held financial services company, established and incorporated in Illinois in 1986, engaged in providing competitive, innovative, and responsive secured equipment financing services to its contractors and customers.

The company has provided in excess of 3 billion dollars in financing and has an established reputation for providing dependable, innovative investment and financing products. UFI specializes in providing traditional as well as creative, specialty structured financial products and services tailored to the needs of its contractors, federal and municipal governments, and commercial customers.

The company provides equipment acquisition financing through indirect contractor origination sources. UFI currently holds contracts with a number of contractor clients that are rated investment grade by investors rating services. The underlying obligor customers are high-quality credits and include municipal agencies (school districts, universities, hospitals, judicial systems) and U.S. federal government agencies (DOD, DOE, NASA, VA, U.S. Post Office, and others).

UFI has consistently focused on providing reliable customer service and support, including customized individual financing structures, as well as a wide array of established equipment financing products and services. The increasing demands for equipment acquisition funding coupled with today’s dynamic credit markets, and the ever-changing complexity of enabling legislation, resulted in the creation of a number of alternative methods and sources of equipment financing.

UFI’s record of achievement is derived from an ever-expanding group of talented and motivated investment professionals who are experienced in structuring a wide variety of financing programs for customers ranging from those in public finance to service industries and emerging technologies. The company offers financial expertise in energy management, information technology, production tools & machinery, and transportation markets. UFI understands your industry, your equipment applications, and the financial structures needed to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

UFI offers financial solutions through its extensive network of institutional investors, and works closely with its customers to understand and serve their financial needs to design individual programs tailored specifically to meet their requirements.