UFI offers unique, structured financing transactions in the following markets

Energy Management

UFI offers creative energy savings based financing programs for the acquisition of energy production and energy conservation equipment, and provides federal, municipal, and commercial customers with the ability to install energy efficient equipment through custom financing programs that match cash flows needed to service debt with energy savings.

The company’s solutions are in trend with industry changes related to deregulation and emerging technologies. UFI strives to provide the most flexible financing options that allow customers to achieve the full benefit of guaranteed energy savings.

Financial solutions typically support products and services relating to the following areas:

  • HVAC retrofits
  • Industrial and commercial lighting
  • Water and waste-water treatment
  • Power production

Information Technology

UFI provides innovative financing solutions for its contractor partners who develop and sell information technology equipment, services and infrastructure to federal, state and municipal customers. The company partners with its contractors under teaming relationships that help facilitate the sale of products by providing resourceful financing options, flexible terms and competitive pricing.

Financial solutions typically support products and services relating to the following:

  • Information technology systems and services
  • Communications systems and services
  • Security systems and services
  • Technology facilities and infrastructure management

UFI provides governmental financing expertise to facilitate and complement the growing funding needs of the technology industry. The company’s investment professionals are committed to providing the best economic solutions for its contractors and their customers.

Production Tools and Machinery

UFI provides the broadest, most flexible package of contractor sales finance options available in the machinery distribution industry. With an appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities associated with the marketing of production tools and machinery, the company’s sales finance expertise, and ability to go beyond the financial data to understand the sales process, customer expectations, and the impact that acquiring machinery is expected to have on the customers business, can provide substantial benefits.

Financial solutions typically support products and services relating to the following areas:

  • Precision machining tools
  • Packaging equipment
  • Printing trades machinery
  • Plastics machinery
  • Cooling and filtration systems


UFI offers strategic alliances to contractors and dealers engaged in marketing essential use vehicles and aircraft to municipalities. The company has a long history of serving a variety of tax exempt master municipal lease programs structured for the acquisition of vehicles by municipal governments.

Many municipalities have previously used internal funds or bond issues to handle these acquisition needs. However, they may not always offer the most appropriate financing alternative. For example, bonds generally require a term of ten years or longer, which may not be appropriate for shorter lived assets, especially vehicles which may need to be replaced every three to five years. Conversely, a full cash payment of the purchase price does not take advantage of deferred payment opportunities. In addition to low, tax exempt rates, United Financial can offer equipment financing specifically designed to match the useful life of the vehicle with the financing payment term.

As municipalities stretch to meet budget demands, United Financial continues to provide flexible, creative financial alternatives.

Financial solutions typically support products and services relating to the following areas:

  • Government essential use vehicles
  • Corporate aviation