Underlying clients are credit worthy customers, including municipal agencies (school districts, universities, hospitals, judicial systems) and U.S. federal government agencies (DOD, DOE, NASA, VA, U.S. Post Office, and others).

Federal Government Agencies, Departments, and Enterprises

UFI provides financing services to federal government agencies, departments and enterprises under contractor receivables financing programs for energy management, information technology, telecommunications equipment, and office furniture.

State and Municipal Governments/Governmental “On-Behalf-Of” Agencies

State and local governments are dependent on taxes, bond issues, or intergovernmental grants to finance the acquisition of essential purpose equipment and facilities. Because of tax limit legislation, difficulty in passing bond referenda, and demands for equipment and services that strain existing revenue sources, outright purchase frequently is not possible.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

UFI can provide a variety of financing products and options specifically tailored to meet the unique demands and challenges faced by not-for-profit organizations in today’s uncertain markets. Recent events have increased the strain on many of these organizations’ limited resources, while at the same time, dramatically increasing the demand for the essential equipment and services they provide.

Commercial Business Organizations

UFI’s commercial financing programs help to conserve working capital through deferred payments that closely match acquisition costs with useful operation lives.