UFI works with a variety of investors to support its project and equipment financing products. The company is proud to include in its portfolio of successful financing placements insurance companies, investment banks, commercial banks, community banks, savings and loans, and corporate investors.

The company is able to consistently deliver sound and secure financing transactions to investor participants through the use of standardized program documentation with the contractor participants, such as master agreements with individual transaction schedules. All supporting documents are reviewed by UFI’s in-house and outside legal counsel to ensure accuracy and completeness.

UFI has established relationships with major U.S. equipment manufacturers and contractors offering turnkey project financing for a variety of equipment and services. Typical equipment costs range from $500 thousand to $100 million, with terms ranging from 2 to 25 years. Equipment financed includes:

  • Energy Management
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Water Treatment & Storage
  • Emergency & Municipal Transportation
  • Medical Diagnostics & Treatment

The company’s dedicated staff of experienced and capable professionals is positioned to provide complete sales and operations support, as well as supplemental support tailored to meet individual investor needs. UFI’s services include:

  • Providing Equipment and Credit Information
  • Billing and Collecting
  • Documentation renewal and follow-up (insurance and extending etc.)
  • Escrow Services

Typical transactions packaged and delivered for placement include:

  • Industry Market Reviews
  • Contractor Program Reviews
  • Transaction Reviews

UFI places a high priority on the safety and protection of its investor network. The company’s prudent credit philosophy and policies are the product of over 60 years of combined management experience.