The United Financial Advantage

Why United Financial?

Federal government agencies, commercial enterprises, as well as state, county, and municipal governments have discovered that equipment and project financing can be one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of meeting their capital acquisition needs, while at the same time providing the widest array of financing options.

United Financial of Illinois, Inc. offers access to financial professionals skilled in many levels of financal structuring, is able to provide services to a wide array of customers, and can offer fast-track master documents for future needs. Several potential benefits of a United Financial structured financing program include the following.


  • Standard terms range from 2 to 25 years

Financing options

  • Up to 100 percent equipment and project financing
  • No down payment or closing costs
  • Level, step, and skip payment plans available
  • Flexible repayment terms specially tailored for the product and customer profile

Accounting considerations

  • Retain working capital during the lease period
  • Payment schedules designed to meet cash flow
  • Fewer restrictive loan covenants and comprehensive collateral pledges
  • Optimized profit margins
  • Conservation of working capital
  • Provides tax advantages inherent only to financing
  • Asset expense and useful service life matching
  • Assurance that contractors receive prompt and complete payment for their products

Capital equipment access

  • Immediate acquisition of capital assets and/or equipment
  • Freedom to choose contractors and manufacturers
  • Financing is available through the construction and installation phase
  • Facilitates the affordable upgrading of manufacturing systems on a regular basis to the newest cutting edge technologies
  • Shifts focus to affordable finance payments from equipment and project cost
  • Provides an additional degree of control in the sales process